BCIRPU Director Dr. Ian Pike will lead the Vancouver study site on injuries and concussions in female youth rugby, as part of a large study funded by World Rugby that will take place across Canada and the United Kingdom.

Led by University of Calgary researchers Drs. Carolyn Emery, Stephen West, and Isla Shill, the study will work with players, coaches, parents, and sport governing bodies to improve player welfare in youth rugby.

“Women’s rugby is one of the fastest-growing sports,” said Dr. Pike. “This study will help us better understand injuries in rugby and how sport governing bodies, coaches, and athletes can reduce their risk of a severe incident.”

Study sites include Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City, and Vancouver in Canada, and Bath and Leeds in England. Over the three-year project, researchers will:

  • Establish international female youth rugby injury and concussion rates,
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of neuromuscular training warm-ups and tackle training programs in preventing injuries, and
  • Examine the contribution of law changes and protective equipment in optimizing safety in the female youth game.

Read more on the University of Calgary’s website.